Apostle Philip the Deacon

Hand pained icon of The Apostle Philip the Deacon - egg tempera on wood, oil gilded

We can read about Ap. Philip in the book of Acts in the Bible (Acts 8; 9-13 and 8; 26-39). He was one of the first seven deacons ordained in the church in Jerusalem. His conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch led to the creation of the Christian church in Ethiopia.

Apostle Philip is holding a censer in one hand and in the other (probably) the reserved communion which deacons to this day may administer to the sick. The hand holding the vessel with the Holy Communion is covered which, in icons is a sign of reverence. On his left shoulder is the band called orarion with the words Holy, Holy, Holy (Isa 6) to this day worn by deacons.